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TX Turnigy 9XR Transmitter Mode 2 (Tanpa Module)

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Deskripsi TX Turnigy 9XR Transmitter Mode 2 (Tanpa Module)

The greatly anticipated Turnigy 9XR has arrived! The software for the 9XR first began development 6 years ago. Since then it has been tweaked, tuned, changed, updated and revamped by members of the R/C community into a powerful - yet easy to use interface. Our engineers designed the physical product around the R/C communities software changes and input. The culmination of all these is the Turnigy 9XR! For many users this will be the perfect 9 channel radio straight out of the box, but there are many tinkerers out there who love modifying and pushing the boundaries of what is possible from their radio. We have factory fitted the 9XR with an AVR ISP header to simplify the development of custom software, we have launched as the epicentre for software developers and additional community support for all 9XR users......With the 9XR we encourage it! The 9XR is supplied preloaded with top quality software which is full of features and yet remains easy to use. Our aim was to develop a radio for you, the hobbyist, with an extensive list of standard features usually expected from a radio system 3 times the price. Our Turnigy 9XR is everything you imagined and more!  9XR Standard Features: • 8 Channel PPM/9 Channel PCM • Full Ball Bearing gimbals • Adjustable Stick Length • Digital Trims on all Primary Axis • 16 Model Memory • Assignable Switches • Freely Assignable Channel Mixes • Graphical Dual Rate and Exponential • Sub Trim and Travel Adjust • Flaps and Differential • Throttle Hold • Supports Heli/ Aero/ Glider Model Types • Programming Templates Based on Model Type • Supports M1, M2, M3, M4 stick modes • 128 x 64 backlit Liquid Crystal Display • Built in JR & Futaba Trainer Ports • PPM & PCM Output • JR Form Factor RF Modules (Orx Dsm2, Orx Open LRS 433Mhz etc) • Programmable Timers • Low Voltage Warning and Buzzer • Supports 3s Lipo (Required) • 9XR Firmware Pre-loaded  • AVR ISP Interface • Internal 2.4GHz Antenna Online support and user forums available at: Spec: Channnel: 8ch ppm/9ch pcm Display: 128*64LCD (Backlit) Support Type: Heli/Acro/Glid Model Memory: 16 Stick modes: 1, 2, 3, 4 Encoder type: ppm/pcm Module Interface: JR Compatible (See Related Items Below) Simulator Interface: Yes (JR & Futaba) Buzzer: Yes Battery Compartment: 112 x 44 x 27mm Weight (less battery & Rf Module): 723g  Required: Battery 3S Lipo RF Module Included: Turnigy 9XR Transmitter (Mode 2 – Throttle on Left Stick) Quick Start guide  Note: This version is supplied without an RF Module, Please order the relevent RF module from the accessories list below.

PRODUCT ID: 9171000184

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